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QuayWest helps youth year-round by providing tailored guidance, structured activities, and life skills training for independence. Our aim is to positively impact young lives and be a trusted partner to professionals and authorities.

About QuayWest Housing Limited

QuayWest Housing Limited provides leaving care support for young people with mild to moderate emotional, behavior, and learning difficulties. Our services empower them to live a more independent life in a supportive and homely environment that respects their individuality, dignity, and privacy. The 12-week assessment placement can be extended if needed. We are committed to providing an enabling, safe, and supportive environment that encourages young people to make choices and influence decisions about their lives. Our services promote diversity and respect for the rights and independence of young people. We provide stable, warm, and safe surroundings for our clients.

What is 16+ Semi-independent Supported Living?

16+ semi-independent supported living” is housing arrangement designed for young people aged 16 and above who are transitioning from foster care or other forms of residential care to living independently. The young people receive support and guidance to help them develop the necessary life skills and responsibilities to live on their own successfully. The level of support can vary depending on individual needs which includes assistance with finances, education, employment, and other aspects of daily living. It aims to prepare these young individuals for independent adulthood while providing a safety net through supportive services.

What Range of Support Needs can we meet?

QuayWest Housing’s services are designed to meet the needs of young people all year round (365 Days on a 24-hour basis). Our outcome-based support is person-centred and flexible to meet specific individual needs. We provide a range of structured activities depending on every individual’s support/placement plan. We then match our staff with young people according to young people’ preferences and our staff skills mix. QuayWest Housing sees the focus of Its work as identifying areas for Individual development and to enable young people to gain the necessary life skills. We will work with the placing authority and other professionals to achieve placement objectives with their long-term needs.

Our Typical Accommodation

QuayWest Housing Limited homes are designed with young people in mind and we would want nothing but young people to feel the welcoming, comfortable and warm environment. We aim to ensure that the environment and culture we create give young people a sense of belonging and ownership of their individual accommodation. Each young people would have their own allocated bedroom, whilst they share communal facilities.

Person Centred Planning

QuayWest Housing uses Person Centred Planning (PCP) to help young people plan all aspects of their lives, encouraging them to think about their future, make their own decisions, empower themselves, build support networks, and have a voice. PCP relies on a series of questions about an individual's dreams, strengths, preferences, values, important relationships, and need for support to guide the process.

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