QuayWest Group

QuayWest Housing Limited

QuayWest Recruitment Limited

QuayWest Children Limited

QuayWest Group manages 3 companies: QuayWest Recruitment, QuayWest Housing, and QuayWest Children’s Home. They oversee planning, policies and direction.

QuayWest Housing supports independent living for young people facing challenges in a private, respectful environment that celebrates their individuality.

QuayWest Recruitment supplies skilled relief staff, such as registered nurses and support workers, to healthcare facilities throughout the country.

QuayWest Children Limited supports at-risk youth with a structured and caring environment that promotes growth, health, and happiness.

welcome to QuayWest group

QuayWest Group takes pride in offering exceptional, personalized services to cater to your every need. Our services range from healthcare recruitment, providing support workers, domestic helpers, and housing solutions for young people. Our team of experts is highly experienced and knowledgeable in delivering reliable, timely, and efficient solutions. We prioritize excellence and value feedback from our clients. We are confident in exceeding your expectations with our quality and professional services.

If you are seeking reliable, efficient, and high-quality services, look no further than QuayWest Group. Our commitment to providing satisfaction and ensuring that our clients’ needs are met is unparalleled. We set the bar high for the standard of services we offer. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcomes. Trust us to deliver solutions that will leave you completely satisfied. Contact us today and let QuayWest Group be your go-to for all your service needs.

About us

QuayWest Group is the body responsible for the governance, management, and administration of the Group’s businesses and interests in all matters. As a parent company of three independent sister companies; QuayWest Recruitment, QuayWest Housing, and QuayWest Children’s Home, It has a general supervisory role and focuses on matters of particular importance to the Group such as strategic planning, formulating policies, goals and the direction of QuayWest Group.

Our Mission

Our mission at QuayWest Group is to deliver world-class recruitment and housing solutions that enable our clients to reach their objectives. Our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional customer service, innovation, and excellence in everything we do sets us apart from the rest. We’re committed to making a significant impact on our clients’ lives, our team’s growth, and the wider community’s development. Join us on our journey to success, where we bring to life our mission and vision to the fullest.

Our vision

Our vision is clear – to be the undisputed leader in recruitment and housing services in the UK, renowned for our pledge to quality, inventiveness, attentiveness, ethics, and reliability. We lead in recruitment and housing, aim to have a positive impact on clients, employees, and communities. Our commitment to excellence is unmatched throughout the country. We put our clients first, providing unmatched client-centered care while complying with regulations such as recruitment law, care quality, and border agency requirements. Our workforce is highly trained and recruited in compliance with the Care Standards Act 2000. A complaints procedure is in place to address any concerns, ensuring exceptional service.

Our Culture

QuayWest Recruitment offers exceptional service by adhering to regulations, providing thorough employee training, and carefully matching candidates with clients. We have a user-friendly system for feedback and continuously evaluate and enhance our services. Our commitment to excellence ensures we meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Values


we strive to provide quality service to you.


we go an extra mile to meet your needs.


always with interest, concern and action

Your Success

our focus is on You. Your success is our success!.


our services are not limited by city, county or region. We are nationwide


with integrity and accountability


guaranteed to deliver trained, experienced and professional staff.


you can rely on us to do what we promise.

Our Team

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